Stark CRM Software

Lightning fast CRM


This is a light weight crm which simplifies process of managing staff , client and projects.

It has an exclusive chat for the members of crm which makes members relaxed while discussing with others.

You can even distribute and run your own crm agency by installing sub crm for your clients or companies with the help of super admin functionality given in top right menu .

for ex : if you install a sub crm for a user in test folder than its link will be :

Super admin will give u hidden access to all your sub crms and will list thier details in subdomain menu listed on left sidebar. 

Every feature is single click enabled and is processed at its fastest possible speed.

The design is completely reponsive and can be easily taken on ipad , mobiles or pcs.

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  1. Sinlge click installation

  2. Multi-level accounts

  3. Light weight PDO Queries

  4. LVC based secured chimpu framework

  5. UI based dynamic charts

  6. Earn by Sub CRM distribution

  7. Unlimited CRM Instances

  8. Enhanced and fully featured chat

  9. German and english translation

  10. Add your own language

  11. Organized file system

  12. Lifetime support        

  13. Full source code         


PHP version >=5.4

Mysql version >= 3.4

Hosting space > 20MB

Server type : Any ( but linux preferred )



                                 stark installation

Just goto your ftp 

Extract the downloaded zipped file

Upload the files to your root (ie public_html or subfolder)

Open the link to the folder you uploaded (ie:

An installation page will open up ( Please check is all the fields in requirements table are in green color )

Just enter the database details :

Host : generally localhost  , database name , username and password ( you can get these details by loggin into your hosting and navigating to mysql databases wizard )

Click on install and your are done  ! Cheers

Email Account > 1 (the domain on which you are installingstark crm software needs to have atleast one email id ( ex : ) 

for sending mails via stark crm .The sender email id of stark crm is in site settings menu

After installation you will be provided with login credentials

user :

pass : demo


Similary for sub crm : ( super admin is only for the use of the main crm holder)

user :

pass : demo


You are required to change your credentails aftr your first login


Dashboard: Dashboards Allow you to gain perspective on your data in CRM. You can see all Details about clients, projects, agents, admins in charts and graphs. You can Check information about tickets, recent projects.

Add Users: Add details about Admins, Agents, Sub-agents, Partner and Clients.

View Users: View details like name, address etc. about Admins, Agents, Sub-agents, Partner and Clients.

Project: Add New projects, View project details & status, Add project Status.

Category : Add ?Project category, View details of project category.

Tickets: Add New Tickets, View details of Tickets.

Settings: Add Site Information Like, Name, company name etc. Add Password, Change Password, Add Logo.


Vipin Kumar 

Team Lead

Senior Web App Programmer

Development Team


Abhishek Sirohi

Web App Programmer

Development Team


Manoj Parmar

Senior Web App Programmer

Development Team


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